domingo, 17 de junho de 2012

I've been crying a lot lately. It's ironic because i'm the happiest that i've ever been.
But it hurts so much to know that I need to hurt you to be happy. Why can't you understand me?
 Why can't you trust me? When I was younger I used to think that growing up would solve it, but i'm 21 now 
and you get more paranoid each day. 
Is it normal to feel guilty about being happy? Wish you could see my point of view, 
wish you could understand me...

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Anônimo disse...

Te entendo bem

Natalia disse...

Gostaria de um email de contato com o blog

Isabelle de Cássia disse...

Achei fofo seu blog, acho que no fundo do seu coração vc acredite em contos de fadas, pq seu blog é como um encanto!